A bit about Twitter, Linked In & GOOGLE +

You may be well versed in social media and are already signed up with all of the above or other providers.

If you have so far resisted signing up for any services, it may be you simply want an explanation of what they’re all about. In which case … … by signing up to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or any other of the plethora of social networking services you get an account – an account that can lie dormant for years on end, unless you make the effort to set it up properly and learn how to use it. Ring any bells with anyone? On the other hand with a minimum of effort you can link up with all sorts of people and businesses and receive regular information about what’s going on in:

You don’t have to tweet, post, prod or poke. You can just sit tight and dip in and out of what’s going on. You may like to occasionally chip in to a discussion or you may not. It’s up to you. And if you find a network too boring, intrusive, pushy or you just feel like a change, simply click to Unfollow, Unfriend, Remove Connection, Leave Group or whatever the escape route is, and you will never be bothered again. On the other hand, once you gain confidence, you can use social networks for all sorts:

Discussions, learning, marketing, gathering information, asking questions, answering questions, laughs, linking with charitable causes, updates on rail services, where to buy cheap shoes, stock market updates, choosing a holiday, watching daft videos of cats falling into fish tanks, watching current affairs videos, wishing people happy birthday, following elections, news updates, posting holiday snaps …

The more networks you join the more information you receive from people on those networks, plus links to related networks, services and information. Most of it may not interest you, in which case you just delete it. But when you browse through the links, something will hook your interest and you just click to find out more. So why would you want to join a social media network? Well it’s:



Something to do at the times when you’re not doing anything else

Something to do at the times when you should be doing something else

Good for health & well-being

Good for loads of other stuff

A way of not missing out on what’s going on

Good for business!

The thing to remember is that you control what networks you link to and how involved you want to get. All at the flick of a switch. Try it and see how you get on. Just click the Twitter, Linked In or Facebook link at top right of this page.