The Leadership Coaching Alligator Handbook

Win business with Blue Chips and build long-term productive relationships by playing to your strengths as a leadership coach.

You’re a leadership coach, not a salesperson! How do you build a thriving business working with Blue Chips? The Leadership Coaching Alligator Handbook will help you:

The Alligator Handbook is a practical guide for leadership coaches on winning business with Blue Chips and building long term and highly productive relationships. It provides you with know-how, process and tools to grow your coaching business by playing to your strengths as a coach, rather than requiring you to reinvent yourself as a salesperson. You’ll enjoy marketing your services as much as you enjoy coaching your clients!

An invaluable ‘how to’ guide that you will return to again and again

The handbook is split into three section:

The Alligator’s Lament: This section describes the major frustration for many coaches. Leadership coaching is an alligator – fast moving, dynamic and with real bite – yet it is still lurking in the business backwaters, unable to switch Blue Chip leaders on to its true value in enabling leaders to drive organisational change and business growth.

The Alligator’s Smile: This section gives you the know-how and tools to engage with leaders in Blue Chips and demonstrate what coaching can do for them and for their business. It helps you identify your target market and how to connect with leaders you want to work with. The ‘Leave them wanting more’ chapter gives you Strategy Sessions, a killer marketing tool, purpose built for coaches to convert prospects to paying clients. This section also describes a step-by-step marketing and delivery process, sharing the secrets of building long term and productive relationships with the same client company.

The Alligator’s Dance: This section collects together the key tools discussed throughout the book and additional resources to help you gain traction with your marketing and delivery AND grow your business.

The Leadership Coaching Alligator Handbook contents

The Alligator’s Lament

The problem for Blue Chips and how leadership coaches can solve it — and solve their own problems, too

1. Meet the alligator – Why leadership coaching is an alligator that isn’t delivering on its sharp-toothed potential to Blue Chips, and what leadership coaching can do about it.

2. Tales of monsters – How leadership coaching can get its act together to tap into the enormous potential of the Blue Chip market.

The Alligator’s Smile

Essential know-how, process and currency for delivering a great service to Blue Chips

3. The power of Process – The three major phases of leadership coaching to Blue Chips: Alignment, Acceleration and Continued Success, and how to support them with process, tools, and marketing.

4. Focus on value – Models and methods to help leadership coaches be clear on the value they bring to Blue Chips, and how to market that value.

5. Turn leads into genuine prospects – How leadership coaches can connect with potential clients, help them see what leadership coaching can do for them, and move them closer to becoming paying clients.

6. Leave them wanting more – How leadership coaches can win business with Blue Chips using Strategy Sessions, a powerful marketing tool that is ideally suited to the coaching skillset.

7. Align with business objectives – The key steps in aligning coaching with business objectives, and how this adds value for clients and enables leadership coaches to win further business.

8. Accelerate success – How to use alignment to maximise the value of leadership coaching.

9. Measure results – The key steps in measuring the business value of leadership coaching, using quantitative and qualitative measures that have credibility with Blue Chip clients.

The Alligator’s Dance

The B2B of leadership coaching, and how coaches can turn themselves into business-to-business service providers

10. Leverage the relationship – How to market leadership coaching services effectively going forward.

11. Plan your transition – How coaches can manage the change from what they do now to a more Blue-Chip-friendly approach.

12. Quick Guides – Preparatory and supplementary coaching questions for the set-agenda meetings in the Accelerated Success Process.

13. Additional Resources – Useful links and further reading to help leadership coaches grow their business working with Blue Chips.

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