Strategy Sessions

The trick with marketing is to always leave them wanting more.

At Accelerated Success we delivered a Strategy Session for a vice president in a global ICT firm. He was relatively new to his role, and had been working flat out, focusing on achieving quarterly and annual revenue targets, and learning his leadership role on the job. This was the first time he’d stepped back and thought about his longer-term vision for his part of the business. He got so much out of his Strategy Session—

taking the time to think more strategically about where he wanted to take the business and how to get there — he asked us to conduct similar sessions with each member of his management team. Following all these sessions, we reported back to the VP with recommendations for individual tailored coaching programmes for him and his team.

It was a lot of work up front for us, but the VP went on to commission Accelerated Success programmes for him and several of his team — more than 40K worth of business from one initial Strategy Session with one business leader.


Working deep into the night, tired and desperate for inspiration on how to find out what prospective clients might need from her coaching, Nerys had a BRILLIANT idea!

Since then we have made Strategy Sessions central to our marketing. Sure, they are time consuming, but they are really no more work than the marketing activity we used to do. Because the sessions are so targeted, we wind up spending more time with fewer — but far better — prospects. In turn, they win us a lot of future business.

Also, these sessions are enjoyable and rewarding to deliver. What’s not to like?

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Delivering successful Strategy Sessions

Learning to deliver successful Strategy Sessions is key to successfully marketing and selling your services. There are three distinct steps:


Send your prospect a Strategy Session questionnaire to complete and return prior to the Strategy Session itself. The questionnaire contains half a dozen questions focusing your prospect on their vision for their part of their business and the challenges the face in achieving it, and gets them thinking about prioritising what to tackle first. The completed questionnaire enables you, the coach, to prepare for the Strategy Session.


The Strategy Session is 90 minutes long. Spend an hour and a quarter going through the questionnaire with your prospect, asking further questions to dig down into their work situation. Help them explore what their real challenges are in detail, what causes them most pain in their role, keeps them awake at night, harms their business results most. Then ask them what it would feel like to overcome their challenges.

Use the last 15 minutes of the Strategy Session to tell your prospect about your coaching services and to schedule a Report Back meeting.

Report Back

After the Strategy Session summarise the output in a brief report, headlining the key issues for your prospect. Send them a copy of the report a couple of days before the Report Back meeting. At the Report Back meeting itself talk them through the report.

It may be that at the end of the Report Back meeting you can start the sales conversation. Ask your prospect:

Are you in a position to make a decision on whether you will go ahead with a full coaching programme?