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Fabulous stupendous

‘Ho hum’, said the alligator
‘It’s a mystery to me
What stops me from being
The best I can be?
I’ve a squillion sharp teeth
In a mile of smile,
A thunderous tail
To propel me with style
I’m deceptively agile
Quick on my toes
A thoroughbred ‘gator
To the tip of my nose
I’m witty and gritty
Charming and sleek
Caring of heart
Head hard as teak
I can sing, I can dance
Play oboe and drums
Spend days underwater
Doing difficult sums
I’m an artist, an athlete
A scholar right through
The inventor of String Theory
(Well, that one’s not true)
Courageous, loveable
Really quite brill
My pluses are many
My failings near nil.
Such jaw-dropping splendour
I’m beginning to see!
Is it me in the way of
The best I can be?
I stick to the backwaters
Leave my drive on the shelf
Fabulous stupendous

… a bit scared of myself?’

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