Alligator tales

What is all this nonsense about an alligator?

At Accelerated Success as part of our marketing education we participated in Robert Middleton’s Marketing Mastery programme (see Robert introduced us to the idea of alligator outcomes. Alligator outcomes are fast moving, exciting and describe the true value of your service – what the client gets out of working with you. They cut out all the dross and focus on ultimate value, the reason your clients pay you. When you tell leaders about the alligator outcomes they can expect from working with you, you grab their attention.

Cartoon of Munching_Cow

Robert also introduced us to cow outcomes, which are slow moving and unexciting. They talk about the features of a service, and some of the benefits along the way, but fail to mention the true value. During the programme we practiced writing alligator outcomes. It’s harder than it sounds. More often than not we aimed for an alligator but ended up with a cow.

We used the alligator outcome idea as a metaphor for our book, The Leadership Coaching Alligator Handbook. Leadership coaching is an alligator, it’s swift, dynamic, and has real bite, enabling leaders to raise their game and foster higher levels of performance in those around them. It empowers them to drive immediate, significant and sustainable change for improved business results: higher levels of service, greater client satisfaction, and increased revenue and profit.

We let all our Blue Chip clients and potential clients know that this is what we can do for them. And we repeat the message over and over again at different stages and in different ways throughout our relationship.