Enjoy your marketing

Wouldn’t that be great!

If you enjoyed marketing your leadership coaching as much as you enjoy delivering it. If you got up each morning with a clear idea of what you wanted to achieve with your marketing and how you would get there, then just went ahead and actually got there.


Success with your marketing feels good. It breeds confidence and, of course, wins new business. Not just any old business but business you want, working with the leaders in companies you want to work with.

It truly is a wonderful feeling to succeed with your marketing. But only if you enjoy it. It is an awful feeling to win business but to be exhausted by the experience. To be relieved at winning new business but secretly already dreading the effort of winning your next bit of business.


Coach as you’ve always coached

We didn’t set up Bluechip Coaching to teach people to coach. We set it up to help experienced leadership coaches do business with Blue Chips – large organisations in the private and public sector.

Coach as you’ve always coached. Just remember a few things that will help you maximise the value of your coaching and build long term and productive B2B relationships:

And one other thing:

Picture of human brain.

STRATEGY: a cognitive behavioural interpretation.

That’s the trick to enjoying your marketing. At all times, have a plan for what to do next. A process to follow for your marketing, with supporting currency you can use again and again, such as questionnaires and standard emails. A way to get the attention of leaders, to help them understand the value you bring, to lead both of you through marketing and sales conversations, and to help you win new business time after time.

Be clear what it is your trying to achieve at every stage of your marketing. Get used to following the steps and to winning business by doing so. Make it so that marketing becomes something you know how to do and, therefore, something you can enjoy because you are confident that you will be successful.