The pros & FAKE NEWS cons about having a marketing niche


Fake news is an old story.

The old adage, don’t believe everything you read in the papers, is testament to that.

But with it’s shiny new name (Fake News), combined with the immediacy and reach of social media and some high profile instances of it apparently making a significant difference, fake news is definitely in the news.

And you may think you don’t get caught up in that sort of nonsense but is that true when it comes to having a marketing niche for your coaching services? You know, a target market and tight marketing messages, rather than:

We work with anybody and everybody with various results

Check out the infographic below and decide where you are when it comes to fake news with your marketing.

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Now back to the Fake News …




For those of you who thought about signing up for my Win Executive Coaching Clients programme starting in January but didn’t get round to it, I still have a couple of slots starting in February. That’s because, due to people being in different time zones and having different commitments …

I decided to deliver the entire course one-to-one!

Actually a great decision because I can share so much more about how to win executive coaching clients with you in webinars and mentoring sessions. And you get my undivided attention throughout for your questions and for bouncing ideas off of me. Not forgetting the email support as you complete the course worksheets.