Step-by-step to winning more clients selling your coaching by the programme


I apologise for starting this post with a brash colloquialism but, for me, selling and delivering coaching by the programme is a bit of a ‘no brainer’.


Delivering by the programme is good for coaching participants, giving them structure, direction and momentum, and maximizing the value they get from their coaching.

It also enables you to measure results and add value for other stakeholders in the client company, such as the participant’s line manager, the budget holder paying for the coaching and human resources.

This is good for you because you can engage with these stakeholders and sell further programmes to the client company.

As well as break into new client companies.

All at a higher price than you would achieve if you sold by the hour or blocks of hours or a monthly retainer or whatever.

That’s right!

Coaching by the programme will help you sell more coaching at a higher price.

Our Accelerated Success coaching programme

To demomstrate how, let me use as an example our 7 month coaching programme, which is easily our biggest seller.


Looks kind of complicated doesn’t it..

It isn’t though.

Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice is that there are steps before and after the coaching programme for which you don’t charge. These steps still add value for the client company but are also extremely important for your marketing purposes.

You’ll also notice that a 7 month programme involves a total of 15 hours, only nine of which are actual coaching.

Can that be right?


Although it doesn’t sound much, those 9 hours of coaching become extremely productive when delivered as part of a programme which includes outcome setting, measuring success and sustaining growth, plus 3-way meetings involving the line manager.

Coaching participants are able drive transformational change when being coached in this way,

The value of delivering by the programme for your marketing purposes

There’s value for someone every-which-way you look when delivering your coaching by the programme – get the free download at the end of this blog post for more information on this.

However, this article is focused particularly on the value to you, the coach, in winning more clients. Here are 5 key elements:

Strategy sessions

The powerhouse of your marketing.

Deliver them to potential clients for free because they demonstrate the value of your coaching.

We use a questionnaire up front and a report back after the session to maximize the value to the potential client. The report back also provides us with an elegant way of moving into the sales conversation:

Are you ready to make a decision as to whether to go ahead with a full programme yet?

If yes, great. If no:

What needs to happen to enable you to make a decision?

You can offer strategy sessions to anyone who fits your target market profile.

But why not offer them to your existing contacts first?

Once you’re coaching in a company you can offer strategy sessions to help the client company decide who else can use your coaching, and to win further business.

3-way start-up & outcome setting

Building on the output from the strategy session, these meetings set clear goals for your coaching.

3-way start-up involves the line manager to get their perspective. This helps link coaching outcomes to achieving business objectives and means success measures can be clearly identified, which enables you to measure results at programme close.

These meetings also help you build the B2B relationship with coaching participant and line manager – remember, while you will use your coaching skills, these are not coaching sessions, they are business meetings.

3-way progress review

The 3-way progress review keeps the coaching participant on track and communicating effectively with line manager. It gives them a steer and makes them accountable

In addition, of course, you’re continuing to build B2B relationships with participant and line manager.

And relationships are everything when it comes to selling your coaching services.

Measuring success & 3-way final review

Then measuring success & 3-way final review enable participant and line manager to measure the difference the coaching has made – the results they come up with are highly credible to them and other stakeholders because they have identified and agreed them themselves.

At any stage, and certainly following the final review, you can arrange individual meetings with coaching participant, line manager and other stakeholders to discuss where else they might use your coaching.

Remembering that you’ll be able to offer strategy sessions to anyone they think could benefit from your coaching.

This is how we win most of our business at Accelerated Success.

Over 90% of potential clients we identify and deliver a strategy session for in this way, go on to a full coaching programme.

Sustaining growth & business value

The sustaining growth meeting means you close the programme without abandoning the coaching participant. You leave them with an action plan for the next few months, which means you can review how they’ve got on with their action plan at the business value meeting, which will be 3-4 months after programme close.

You therefore get another bite of the cherry in building the B2B relationship and you can involve the line manager at report back.

Again, at any stage following the business value meeting you can arrange individual meetings with coaching participant, line manager and other stakeholders to discuss the results you got and where else they might use your coaching.

And you’ll have strategy sessions up your sleeve to offer to anyone they think could benefit from your coaching.


And that’s it.

Selling and delivering your coaching by the programme helps you win more clients. As well as enabling you to sell your coaching at a higher price.

It’s also less stressful and more fun than other approaches you may have tried