How to win your first executive coaching client of the year: 3 ludicrously simple steps


Welcome to 2016.

Did you review your success in 2015?

Have you planned what you need to do in the coming year to grow your coaching business?

Review and plan seems to be the normal routine and there’s nothing wrong with it, except you now have to get on and achieve what you’ve planned.

Of course, maybe you haven’t got any specific plans for the coming year, other than to win some executive clients and coach them.

You still need to get on and achieve your intentions though.

Are you confident you can do this?

Only sort of confident?

Or perhaps you’re exhausted at the thought of selling your coaching and a bit peeved it doesn’t seem to get any easier?

What you want is a fast-track to success, where you play to your strengths as a coach, and avoid high pressure marketing and the ‘hard sell’. Here are 3 very simple steps to winning executive coaching clients and kick-starting your year.

The 3 ludicrously simple steps!

1 Identify existing contacts you want to work with

Forget about following, connecting and networking for the time being and focus on your existing contacts. The chances are they aren’t clear on how your coaching can help them, meaning you aren’t likely to sell them anything.

This is crazy!

You’ve put all that effort into connecting with people but what have you done to build relationships, communicate the value of your coaching and convert these contacts into potential clients?

You can make a start right now. Go through your list of contacts and pick a handful you would like to work with. It might be because of their position, level of seniority, the company they work for or whatever, but you need a shorter list of contacts you want to turn into potential clients.

2 Set up a catch up meeting over a cup of coffee (or skip this step and go straight to step 3)

You’ve got your list of contacts you have who you want to work with. Give each person on the list a call or drop them an email and say you’d value a chance to catch up with them over a cup coffee.

Simple stuff isn’t it!

The worst that can happen is that they say no, although they’re equally or more likely to agree to meet. Why wouldn’t they?

When you meet, focus on them and their work situation, asking them what their vision for their part of the business is and what their challenges are. Basically, you’re just having a chat about something they like talking about – who doesn’t like dwelling on the ups and downs of their job?

3 Offer them a strategy session

At the end of the conversation, if you think your coaching can help them, say something like:

From what you’ve said it sounds like you would get a lot of value out of a strategy session. A Strategy Session is an opportunity to step back and think about your work situation in depth and you get a summary report on what you discuss. How does that sound to you?

Again, the worst that can happen is they politely decline the offer, although it’s more likely they’ll have enjoyed and benefitted from the discussion so far and will welcome the chance to go a bit deeper.

The value of this approach

OK, so you haven’t won the client yet but you have just scheduled the best opportunity to sell your coaching you’re ever likely to get. And it was so simple, you just set up a chat, discussed their work situation and scheduled a Strategy Session where you do the same but in greater depth.

You can use a questionnaire prior to the Strategy Session to focus the participant and maximise what you get done in the session, and at the end of the Strategy Session you can arrange a report-back meeting, where you take them through what was discussed and start the sales conversation.

A fantastic bit of marketing. and all achieved in a few short weeks, using your existing contacts and by playing to your strengths as a coach.You could have won your first executive coaching client of the year by the end of the month.

Ludicrously simple!