Finding life as an executive coach tough? 3 ways to keep going when you want to give up


As an executive coach, it’s your job to motivate and support clients. But are you always highly motivated? Do you always give yourself the support you need?

If you’re anything like me, the answer to both those questions is an emphatic NO!

Some days I’m just not in the mood for connecting with clients or writing blog posts or doing my VAT returns. On days like these it is tempting to let myself off the hook by doing something easier or more fun but, as I’m sure you know, this is the slippery slope to catastrophe for any small business.

Like it or not, some things just need to be done.

I have therefore learned to support myself through the tough stuff following these three rules.

1. Remember Your Why

One of my favorite quote is from life & business strategist Tony Robbins:

When you have strong enough reasons WHY, you’ll always find the HOW to get you there.

And it’s 100% true. Don’t get caught up in the challenges you face, or even simply the day-to-day mundaneness of work and business. Remember why you’re doing this, what motivated you to become a coach to begin with & why you want to succeed so badly in this area now.

There’s nothing more rewarding than spending your life doing the things you love & if coaching is your passion, you are GUARANTEED to succeed in it if you just keep that unfaltering determination and positive mindset to do whatever it takes to get to where you want to be.

2. Think of it as a Challenge

Success doesn’t come easy. You know that, I know that and gee, training and development specialist Brian Tracy  sure knows it too.

He wouldn’t be where he was today if he didn’t!

But what separates the winners from the quitters is ATTITUDE. Don’t get disheartened when things don’t always work the way they should, pick yourself up and try again. Test new approaches, try new things and think of it as an exciting challenge to master!

Constantly work on improving yourself alongside your business, because people will be investing in YOU just as much as anything else. Often, lack of motivation comes because tasks begin to feel like chores. Irradicate that thinking and start every day the RIGHT way- celebrating your achievements so far and getting focused on the days task at hand!

3. Get Organised & Make a Plan

So once you have the right attitude and the deep-set motivation coming from within you, another huge factor to keeping you motivated will be a plan.

Sounds simple right?

But the key is in creating it properly. At the top you want to detail your reasons WHY, so that whenever you look at it, you instantly get that boost, you remember why it’s so important to you and you get your head in the right place.

From there, you want to take the time to plan out the things you need to do, in realistic steps and timeframes to get you to that level of success you want. And remember – when you first write this down – you may not know all the stages and things you need to do.

And that’s ok.

The most important thing is getting down to what you DO know. Break it down in a way that is more manageable so that it’s not overwhelming, but achievable. And that’s not to say it won’t still challenge you – it will! But you have a real map of where you are now, where you plan to go and you can see yourself progress through the key stages.

What throws you off course and how do you keep yourself going when it happens? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments section below.